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Asset Management Strategy

'The process of building, maintaining and investing in homes to get the most out of them - as places where people want to live, at a cost which both they and the business can afford'.

Adding value to the asset base should drive the business plans of every landlord housing organisation. But development of a successful asset management strategy that translates into effective delivery is not easy. Understanding of, and making the most of, the linkages between investment, demand and viability is the key. Cultural barriers still exist where development is seen as a separate discipline to repair and planned maintenance or, expressed another way, where capital and revenue budgets rarely influence each other. We help organisations make sense of this complex area, with the right combination of strategic and practical thinking.

Our Housing Futures Assessment Tool (HFAT) has been developed by experienced practitioners with a deep understanding of how to assess future housing prospects. It is a powerful new way of helping landlords shine a light on the financial and non-financial performance of homes. It combines long-term financial assessment with a broader insight into popularity and prospects - to give that crucial rounded judgement on where to focus efforts, and to point the best way forward for different groups and types of stock.

It helps you bring together, and then analyse, the right set of information to really put your finger on housing performance - using information already held in your own systems, other public information, and the knowledge of your own staff. The tool enables local knowledge and judgement to be brought in alongside 'hard' information. With easy-to-understand results for a range of audiences, these can be reality-checked by the people with local experience to ensure final conclusions are robust and widely supported.

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