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Business & Financial Planning

Sound business and financial planning is essential if you want to improve your chances of success - making all of the resources available (financial and otherwise) work towards meeting your strategic or project objectives is essential when year after year, we are increasingly faced with the challenge of delivering ‘more and better for less'.

We are expert in helping organisations understand what drives value in their business or projects, and, importantly, identifying those assets and services that do not. A long term approach creates value, improves performance and value for money; financial risk is properly assessed and understood and it avoids the short term or reactive approaches to budgetary pressure which can skew service priorities and undermine strategic or project objectives.

We also offer the tools to help you do it.

For councils with council housing, HPlan is our excel-based HRA business planning and strategic asset management tool. It combines ease-of-use with comprehensive 30-year functionality – and provides a full platform for financial and strategic planning.

For housing associations, and for councils that would prefer a software-based tool, we are an accredited partner with Brixx, the market-leading software solution for housing association business planning.

For everyone involved in regeneration, HPRO is our comprehensive financial planning model, designed specifically to encourage a creative, problem solving approach to complex housing-led regeneration projects. It is a multi–phase, multi–investment, multi–partner model that combines high-functionality with unusual ease-of-use.

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