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HRA Services

For English Councils, the abolition of HRA subsidy and the introduction of free-standing 30-year business plans is a huge opportunity. To make the most of it requires new thinking and new tools. For Scottish Councils, already with more freedoms, there is a need to look beyond SHQS compliance and think about to get the best long-term value out of the housing stock.

Our approach integrates HRA business planning with the strategic asset management approach. We are experts on both, and, even more importantly, how the two can be brought together. To support integrated thinking, we have developed HPlan, our excel-based HRA business planning and strategic asset management tool.

It combines ease-of-use with comprehensive 30-year functionality and provides a full platform for financial and strategic planning. As well as providing all that is required of an HRA business planning tool, it supports strategic asset management, through integrated analysis showing the financial and service performance of different groups and types of stock.

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