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There’s only one Lenin but Clem Attlee gets everywhere!

We take a dialectical Marxist approach to the history of street names in our search for the special and strange. And today we have naming of blocks. ...... Read More

Someone’s still got to tackle unsuccessful neighbourhoods, is it you?

When the dust settles later this year on the new world of housing, it will settle on a world in which social housing was pretty much supposed to be ...... Read More

Component Accounting; does it equal the sum of the parts?

i.s.4 on why it’s a good thing for us all. The introduction of component accounting has resulted in the usual round of “free” corporate seminars, the ...... Read More

Strategic asset management and business planning – understanding and using the concept of value

i.s.4 explains how our HFAT and HPlan tools can help you shine a light on what you and your business plan need to know. Social landlords are businesses ...... Read More

Supporting People – There’s Life In It Yet

i.s.4 suggest some ways of responding to the funding challenge. The proposed cuts to Supporting People funding are making the headlines across the sector, ...... Read More

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