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Regeneration Project Development

Regeneration is in the doldrums, but there is no shortage of places that need regeneration!

Regeneration projects are characterised by long gestation periods and progress that moves in fits and starts. We are well placed (and experienced) to provide practical help at every stage of project development, for concept through feasibility, option appraisal, selection of the procurement route and right through helping steer the project through to delivery on site. Our skills sets cover these areas with experience as both client and contractor and within the public and private sectors.

At the heart is sound financial planning. Our approach starts simple but deals with increasingly high complexity as the project develops. It is based on the realities of the project, properly understood and makes it easy to explore the ‘what-ifs'. With our forecasting tools, we can show the implications for the different partners, give clear messages about the direction the project should take to get the best results, provide the foundation for the procurement process and convince funders.

HPRO is our comprehensive financial planning model, designed specifically to encourage a creative, problem solving approach to complex housing-led regeneration projects. It is a multi–phase, multi–investment, multi–partner model that combines high-functionality with unusual ease-of-use.

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