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Risk Management

Understanding and managing risk is an essential part of any venture. Combined with the use of scenarios, it is the way to understand how robust a plan is to adverse changes. Structured monitoring and review of risk helps identify priorities for action. It also is a way of reminding stakeholders that, even with the best laid plans, problems are to be expected and that active management of them, rather than wringing of hands, is the way to respond. Understanding risk and taking a realistic approach to monitoring and managing it is the an essential part of the business/project management toolkit that ensures a successful result within the agreed budget.

We can advise on risk management methods that add value through simple and clear approaches. Externally facilitated risk workshops are an excellent way of involving stakeholders in projects, getting buy-in and revealing concerns.

A specific application of risk management techniques that can bring some immediate savings is through insurance risk management. In the everyday scramble of running a housing business it is very easy to loose sight of the fact that good practice in both dealing with customers and maintaining records can make a significant contribution to minimising insurance costs, through premiums, excesses and claims not met by the underwriters. There are specific things you can do to reduce the level of risk assessed by your insurers, and hence your bills. Our insurance risk review service takes you methodically through the things that matter to your insurers and what you can do about them, starting with your business plan and working down to some of the tried and tested operating procedures and records

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