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What People Say About Us...

“Excellent report, jargon-free and takes away all the myths”

Martin Shields, Director of Community Services, Gloucester City Council.

“Problem–solving approach shed light on complex area & enabled everyone to see way forward’”

Karl Tupling, Director of Housing, Sheffield City Council

“Impressive skills and experience helped us get on top of things and made a huge difference to our progress”

Mike Goodwin, Chief Executive, North-East Derbyshire Council

“At the beginning of our journey to draw together our asset management strategy, we found John and his knowledge of this area invaluable”.

Alan Vass, Director of Technical services, Scottish Borders Housing Association

“Thank you for your excellent delivery and presentation at the Housing Forum Skills summit. All the delegates came with the expectation of gaining shared knowledge in this field and they were rewarded fully. The feedback was universally positive and included the following comments: ‘spot on summary of what is required’ and “very well researched and presented discussion topics’”.

Shelagh Grant, Chief Executive, The Housing Forum

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